"Purpose" - The Third "P" of Your 3P Key to Freedom

Have you ever found yourself asking the question, “Is this it?”  You have had your successes and challenges and for the most part, life is going according to the script of work, family and personal life. BUT, somehow it is not matching up to what you think it should be. 

Personally I call this “smoldering discontent.”  When I hit about 40 years old, I got the sense I had been sold a bill a goods.  The pursuit of power, position and prestige seemed to have run its course.  It was time to go figure out once and for all, who am I?  What am I here for?  What am I supposed to be doing?  In other words, what was my personal purpose?

This episode covers the key to the whole Jailbreak Leader process…the unique process that has been bestowed upon me to help others discover their personal two-word purpose in life.

What You Will Learn