"Principles" - The Second "P" of your 3P Key to Freedom

Remember those days before we all had a GPS in our pocket?  Going to a friend’s house for dinner across town often turned into quite the adventure trying to navigate all those twists and turns.  While the world has solved the navigation problem for our cars, technology has not answered the question of how to best navigate your life story for creating significance.  In fact, more often then not, it seems like trial and error as your plans never seem to work as advertised. 

Great news.  In today’s episode, Jeff will show you not only how to keep on the straight and narrow in your intended direction but actually accelerate the trip!  Principles – the guidepost for living a purpose-guided, vision-driven life.

What You Will Learn

  • The difference between values and principles
  • How to discover your principles
  • How to put your principles to work TODAY