"Power" - The First "P" of your 3P Key to Freedom

Think about when you are at your best!  You’re on fire.  You got this.  Just get out of your way. 

What is really going on when you are in that zone?  That is you leaning into your Power, the first P in the 3P Key to Freedom. 

We all came into this world pre-packaged with certain abilities, strengths and talents.  Often, we don’t really notice them because when you are doing your thing, it is easy. Seems even weird that others struggle with something so easy.

If you are going to be a Jailbreak Leader, it is all about you being your best you. That starts by knowing and developing your God-given talents.  Today’s episode is all about talking about when you are at your best.

What You Will Learn

  • Why working to your strengths is paramount to creating significance in your life
  • How do you discover your inherent strengths and talents
  • What to do once you have this powerful tool at your disposal