Larry Kesslin Interview - From Success to Significance - Part 1

Meet "Mr. Purpose San Diego -- Larry Kesslin"! A successful business guy and author of "Success Redefined" and "Break Points", Larry experienced something that changed his perspective in a big way. Hear his amazing journey to discovering the work he was meant to do; what prompted his current passion around creating significance and how he sees business as a vehicle to change the world.


At my core I am an entrepreneur and a connector. I have been searching my entire life for the balance between purpose and my work, to create a new definition of success for myself. This is a road that's not easy to navigate in today's society. I've learned a number of incredibly valuable lessons on this journey, not the least of which is that it's hard to be purposeful when you can't pay the bills. So, it all starts with using our gifts to drive business and then use that business as a vehicle for change. We can also choose our clients more wisely, to focus on other like-minded business leaders who want to use business as a vehicle for social change.

These experiences have lead me to my newest opportunity as the Chief Connector at Corporate Alliance in San Diego. This business combines my love of business, my desire to make a difference in the world and with my gifts as a world class connector. I love helping businesses grow, and the best way to do that is to help them grow more purposeful relationships that leads to more business by connecting the dots. Corporate Alliance is an amazing platform for me to be myself and help people on their journey. I've always said, if we help people get what they want in life we will get so much more than we need in return.

In addition to helping businesses grow, I want to help like-minded leaders to connect more deeply with themselves, their employees, clients and their community. I believe that the results will not only be a more profitable business, but an expanded sense of freedom, accomplishment and success at all levels of life. To learn more, please ask, I’m here to help! I am confident our conversation will be full of insights and actionable steps to help enhance your personal and professional future.

What You Will Learn

  • One-man’s journey from success to significance.
  • How to use business as a platform for changing the world
  • Are you a "Dolphin" or a "Shark"?

To connect with Larry: https://corporatealliancesd.com