Interview with Scott Sabin "Plant with Purpose" Part 1

I am so pleased and excited to bring a fellow sailboat racer but more importantly, the Executive Director of Plant with Purpose into the studio, Mr. Scott Sabin. While we all get to hang out here in America’s finest city, Scott and his team are out having a major impact in parts of the world that we will rarely hear about or ever go to, and is helping those folks Plant with Purpose!

Scott describes how exciting it has been to continuously improve the impact and see lives being transformed in ways he would’ve never imagined.

After studying Spanish in Guatemala, Scott saw people living their faith out in a way he had not seen. People risking their lives for the gospel, in a position of hope that inspired him. He then went back to San Diego with a new vision of getting involved, and that's how he began volunteering at Plant With Purpose. He was quickly hired after that, and has now been a part of this journey for 25 years.

Plant With Purpose started in the Dominican Republic, expanded to Haiti, and is now involved in a total of 8 countries around the world.

Take the next 15 minutes to listen to how Scott and Plant With Purpose have transformed places with extreme poverty and environmental degradation, and provided better living conditions for many people.

What You Will Learn

  • How unleashing the talent and capacity of individuals can solve hunger and poverty
  • How a unique saving based micro-financing program turned the villagers $0.40 into a $20,000 local bank
  • Hear the story of how a couple of local San Diegans are now impacting over 250,000 people in eight countries

To Connect with Scott Sabin: www.PlantWithPurpose.org