Interview with Richard Leonard: Market Meets Ministry Pt 2

It is with great pleasure to have my friend and colleague Richard Leonard from the Barnabas Group San Diego back on the show. Check out last week's show where Richard shares a few heart warming stories about his personal life, as well as professional. Here we actually dive into the Barnabas group, and hopefully inspire others to apply their skills, talents and purpose to stay in the game and still bring value in this world. To begin, The Barnabas group is a Collaboration of leaders dedicated to helping ministries. They help the non-profits meet the business challenges that allow them to continue to move forward by using their expertise. They are made up of a diverse group of leaders such as doctors, teachers, professionals, etc. who all share one thing in common. We all came to this world wired up to do different things and with different talents, and as an entrepreneur; you start to face certain challenges and walls along the way. This is where the Barnabas group comes in to help. When you get to the point where you know what you want to do, but don't know how or where to start; it is a great idea to partner with a team like the Barnabas group, so you can combine talents and the expertise you need to succeed. Over the course of 13 years, 240 different ministries have came through the Barnabas Group! Listen to learn the general model and makeup of the Barnabas Group, and the type of amazing people that are a part of it.

What You Will Learn

  • See what the Barnabas Group is all about, and how they have helped 240 different ministries over the course of 13 years.
  • Hear some of the challenges that entrepreneurs face, and how to overcome those challenges with the help of the Barnabas Group.
  • Learn about the diverse group of people with amazing Business Talents who are part of the Barnabas Group such as Business Owners, teachers, doctors and more.

To connect with Richard: http://sandiego.barnabasgroup.org/