Interview with Richard Leonard: Market Meets Ministry Pt 1

Meet Richard Leonard, director of the San Diego Barnabas Group. Made up of Business people who help and support non-profits trying to make an impact. Richard is a Vietnam War Veteran, a Pilot actually. After Vietnam, he came back to California and joined the Army Reserve. He then met his wife after a blind date during this time, and his life changed from there. Richard describes his wife helping him in his transition back to civilian life. This lead to a huge moment for him, including a Career change. He was hired at a company after getting into data processing, and then started his own company which got him into the "Entrepreneurial Life." After buying a few companies, and eventually ended up getting bought themselves; Richard moved to Oklahoma and retired there. This is when he describes how his family became a lot more active in the community and the Church, but he was still not fulfilled. He wanted to find a purpose with his retirement, and so he did. After his wife unfortunately became ill, they traveled across the United States to fulfill his Wife's wishes of visiting her friends and family. When his wife passed here in California, he decided to stay and is now living his life in a sense of urgency. Bringing value by working with the Barnabas Group. Listen to Richards heart warming story, and journey to find his purpose.

What You Will Learn

  • Hear Richards background from being a Vietnam War Veteran, to now working for a Company helping non-profits make an impact.
  • Listen to his heartwarming story of how his Wife changed his life, and helped him in his transition back to Civilian Life
  • See how The Barnabas Group helps people with different life experience, talents, knowledge, network of connections and passions.

To connect with Richard: http://sandiego.barnabasgroup.org/