Interview with Rachel McKinney "Purpose and Passion Played Out" Pt 2

Today we welcome Rachel back on the show, and we explore a little bit of her world. Last week we discussed Branch Out Market, a network of passionate individuals committed to sourcing products, sharing stories of grassroots success, and bridging the consumer to the producer for social change. They partner with graphic designers, marketing experts, logistics, warehouse supply chains, and import specialists from around the world – all to ensure that our parts can focus on their missions’ and our customers are able to support them through the online shop. This gives these partners the chance to focus on their passions.

Rachel shares that she and Branch Out Market have partners in places like Tanzania, South Africa, India, Guatemala and all around the world, which she describes as a challenge because of the cultural expectations.

Learn about some of the opportunities that Rachel has to help their partners tell their stories, and bring value to the people that they work with, as well as the challenges they face in this field. As she describes, one success field the entire thing.

We also get to learn about some of Rachel's trips, crazy times she went through and a defining moment where she made the decision that took her down her path.

What You Will Learn

  • Hear a few of Rachel's stories and moments that lead her to turn right instead of left, and how she used that to her advantage.
  • Learn what Branch Out Market does, who they partner with and what types of products they work with.
  • See some of the challenges that are faced, and how they are solved while still respecting any cultural differences.

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