Interview with Rachel McKinney "Purpose and Passion Played Out" Pt 1

Meet and listen to Rachel Mckinney, someone who is living out her purpose of being a big sister to her younger brother who has a disability, all while living amazing career opportunities. She describes her purpose as being more of a frame of mind, rather than a job description.

Rachel is a Servant of Branch Out Market, an online eCommerce platform that Rachel describes as a work of passion. They partner directly with non-profit groups and artisans, bringing together products and causes from all over the world.

Branch Out Market's Mission:

To create a long-term sustainability for social projects, non-profits, and small entrepreneurs by expanding their markets.

To create a world where everyone has access to a larger market.

To build connections between consumers and global artisans online.

Rachel tells us some great stories of when she traveled around the world, which brought her to where she is now.

Listen to this podcast and see how Rachel and Branch out Market are creating an access to market in different countries, and using the tools they have to solve problems so that organizations can focus on their mission.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about Branch Out Market and how they are solving problems that help organizations fulfill their missions.
  • See how Rachel describes her purpose as more of a state of mind, and not just a job title.
  • Learn how Rachel balances her purpose of taking care of her younger brother with a disability, while working on her passions and career.

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