Interview with Mike Gaetke: "Purpose and The Servant Leader" Part 2

In part 2 of this interview with successful business owner Mike Gaetke, we have a chance to see his personal side. To take a look at how Mike’s focus of servant leadership and supporting passion has translated into his home life and ministry work around the world.  After climbing a few hills in life, Mike found himself asking a very important question, “What is my legacy going to be?” He shares how his purpose of Supporting Passion and his intentional Servant Leadership approach has had a significant impact both personally and professionally.  How it lead to a unique method for engaging at a very personal level with each of his kids. In multiple international ministry opportunities, he not only brought his support; but is now teaching others to do what he does, such as the Servant Leader Institute in Kenya. As Mike transitions from full time work to full time ministry, he is just getting started. His ability to come along side others in support of their possibilities is unrivaled.

What You Will Learn

  • Is what you are doing going to leave a long lasting legacy?
  • See how Mike transformed his life into something bigger and more meaningful
  • Website for Africa Servant Leaders" http://www.africaservantleader.com/