Interview with Klyn Elsbury: "Sense of Urgency" Part 1

Klyn Elsbury, best selling author, professional speaker and entrepreneur spends a third of her life in the hospital. Each visit to the hospital comes with the truth that she may not leave. Klyn shares her story of embracing life with a sense of urgency that most of us deny. Listen as Klyn shares her story that will inspire you to stop, think and realize the importance of bringing urgency to the aspects of life that make a difference.

What You Will Learn

  • Do not let things get in the way of doing what’s important.
  • If you put things off for “one day” that “one day” will never come.
  • Your purpose might be something you are already doing in life, you just don't know it yet.

To connect with Klyn: https://www.missklyn.com/