Interview with Kimball Willson: "Purpose Meets Profession" - Part 1

One of the best parts of discovering your purpose is that it reignites your passion. Part of the discovery process includes determining where you can best serve with your purpose. When you find it, like magic, purpose brings passion, meaning and impact like nothing else can.

Meet Kimball Willson,entrepreneur, health coach and now professional artist who is helping individuals and corporate clients “Empower Solutions.”

Would you like to bring your team closer together and inspire them through a unique, fun, and collaborative event?  Kimball has discovered that art presented in a fun team environment has the ability to“crack the shell” for bringing corporate teams together and go to the next level.

While successful as a health coach and finding opportunities to walk out her purpose in that space,it was not truly in line with her passion.

In these two interviews, Kimball shares her journey of purpose discovery that now has her on fire and living life with great passion and purpose.

For more information and how to contact Kimball Willson go to: corporatetocanvas.com

What You Will Learn

  • Why success was not enough
  • How her purpose discovery uncovered a long lost love... Art
  • How her hobby became her business