Interview with Johnny Hawkins: What is YOUR Legacy Going To Be? Pt2

What kind of legacy are you creating?

In last weeks show we met Johnny Hawkins, and learned his inspiring backstory of how he turned his life around after struggling with many challenges, and became a successful attorney and executive music producer. This week we talk about what he has been doing with his law practice, as well as his amazing non-profit. We learn what it looks like when you combine purpose, calling and passion all into one. Johnny's purpose is to encourage others who may appear less fortunate, but in fact all they need is a little hope and inspiration. He created the non-profit www.mightyjonyouthmovement.com to help share with people, in particular the inner city youth, that they have a gift from God.

Take a moment to listen to this podcast to see how Johnny became an encourager, and why he wanted to be the person to expose the gift of God to people who need to hear it most. This is his legacy.

Johnny shared an amazing opportunity last year with a group youths who had the same challenges he had growing up, and inspired them to changed the way they saw the world. The majority of the people he has helped have not had a father figure in their lives, and he wanted to be that person that they look up to.

What You Will Learn

  • See how Johnny created and funded his non-profit, which allowed him to bring young men of color together and be their encourager and protector.
  • How Johnny has been able to leverage his success in business to help and impact the lives of others who are facing challenges.
  • See how Johnny is creating a positive legacy while fulfilling his calling, purpose and passion of being a male role model to the community.

To connect with Johnny: www.mightyjonyouthmovement.com/