Interview with Johnny Hawkins: What is YOUR Legacy Going To Be? Pt 1

“I am an encourager of hope for those who are less fortunate,” Johnny Hawkins

Inheritance: What you give to someone

Legacy: What you put in someone

Johnny Hawkins, who grew up with the challenges of being an African American youth in the inner city and labeled, “not good enough in school” shares how the words spoken by his mother, grandparents and a couple of authority figures helped him redefine his life.

Johnny is now a conduit of that legacy being honored as a Top 100 Trial Attorney in America, leads a prestigious law firm in Michigan and is the founder of www.mightyjonyouthmovement.com

He exemplifies what happens when we take our purpose, calling and passion and create amazing possibilities. But we never do it alone. It is the legacy that others have instilled in us that often make the difference in our lives..

What You Will Learn

  • See what Johnny describes as the value he received after being in the army, and how it gave him respect, purpose and order.
  • Listen to how and why Johnny chose to make the decision that changed his life, which was going to school after he returned from the army.
  • Learn some of Johnny's other interests and passions, and how he uses what he learned in law and business to bring it all together and create something that services people by getting into their ear and soul.

To connect with Johnny: www.mightyjonyouthmovement.com