Interview with John Ramstead : Activating Hope Pt 2

Last week we met John Ramstead, who had to unfortunately end his dream career of being a fighter pilot due to an unexpected injury. After going through the many challenges of transitioning back to civilian life, he finally found himself on the path to success when he met a few mentors. However; John was still dissatisfied with how his life was playing out. This week we pick up from there and what transpired from that point.

John shares a few stories and shows us the experiences that changed his life. One of them being a traumatic brain injury that required 23 surgeries after going horse back riding. After waking up in extreme pain, John describes being in the presence of God. He was told by doctors that what happened to him should not have been survivable, that he would need to write a will because his chances were slim to none, but John survived.

He was thinking about his life and his legacy at this point, and found that he was able to re-write his life script.

This led him to his journey of finding fulfillment, and as he explored it, everything came together.

Listen to this show and learn the painful process he went through, which he describes as something he would not take back for a second because of the person he is now.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how John Ramstead's most painful life experiences brought him to where he is now as a successful business owner.
  • Listen to some of John's stories such as the traumatic brain injury he suffered that he should not have survived, but did.

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Email: John@eternalleadership.com