Interview with John Ramstead : Activating Hope Pt 1

Have you ever hoped for something to happen in your life, but have no idea how to make it happen, and then suddenly it all comes together? Meet John Ramstead, host of the podcast "Eternal Leadership."

John Ramstead grew up wanting to be a fighter pilot, and was actually selected to attend Top Gun School, when an accident prematurely ended his Navy Career.

He shares the difficult challenges associated with life transitions when a life time goal unexpectedly comes to an abrupt end, not once but twice in his life!

John describes it as the hardest transition he has ever had to face. He tells us the challenges he dealt with when he first started; jumping from job to job, dealing with the fresh, raw wounds of knowing that he was a pilot that couldn't fly, while trying to land back on his feet.

After John met a couple of mentors at a networking event who helped him find his purpose, skills and passions, he was able to connect it to something that led him to open his first company.

John's mentors changed his life. Although he was facing the challenges that caused anger and lack of faith, his mentors turned his prospective around and brought him back to a place where he was moving forward towards a positive direction. Take the next 15 minutes to listen to John's story and be inspired by someone who had to end his dream career, but still found success after connecting his skills, passions, purpose and calling.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about some of John's successes and career transitions through the years, after having to suddenly end a lifetime goal that he had reached.
  • See how John's mentors brought him back on a positive journey by helping him find his passions and purpose, which opened up many doors for him.
  • How John dealt with the hardest transition of his life, and the challenges he faced shortly after the end of his dream career.

To connect with John:


Email: John@eternalleadership.com