Interview With James Carmody : Mobilizing Possibilities Pt 2

In last weeks show, we had James Carmody, who shared his purpose of Empowering Confidence, and his Calling of Inspiring Action.

This week we are taking it to another level and seeing what that means exactly. James shared what empowering confidence looks like through the guest experience, and how his guests on the Rise Up Radio show that he hosts actually experience a physical reaction, and burst of physical energy and fulfillment. How is this achieved?

James looks back and describes that he has always had an affinity for people, from a young age. He gets inspired and empowered by being around others and communicating with others. What leads for him to be excited and pumped to speak to someone? Nothing..because he is already naturally inspired to connect with others. James is great at bringing out the best in people, and sharing their stories.

He does not worry about what the audience is thinking, and is focused on being present in the moment with his guests.

See how James disregards what is on paper when it comes to the people he interviews, and instead digs into them to discover what their story is. This makes people confident to share their story and be comfortable with James.

Listen to a pivotal moment in James' past. Where he helped someone light up after facing walls and challenges, and helped them reflect back at a good moment in their lives, which turned into an elevated experience.

We explore how he achieves just that, which is by making the guest comfortable since the start. Get them in a comfortable zone, and trigger a point where you take the person back to a great time in their lives. Which turns into a question they ask themselves, what are further possibilities?

What You Will Learn

  • See how James has always been inspired by people, and how this creates a natural connection between himself and his guests.
  • Why James does not focus on what is written on paper about his guests; and instead focuses on their stories, background and how they got to where they are now.
  • How James helps people get through walls and challenges, by taking them back to a time in their lives that helps them realize there are extraordinary possibilities ahead.

To connect with James: Call or Text (858)525-3086

Or visit www.sdriseup.com and listen to his Free Podcasts