Interview With James Carmody : Mobilizing Possibilities Pt 1

According to a study reported by the Harvard Business Review, over 80% of business leaders do not know their personal purpose. They may have a vision/mission for their company, but are completely missing out on the advantage of knowing and aligning their purpose both personally and professionally.

Join Jeff Blanton and his guest James Carmody in a live session where Jeff uses his purpose of Mobilizing Possibilities to guide James in the use of his purpose of Empowering Confidence, to creatively and powerfully improve the guest experience on James’ podcast, SDRiseUP.com.

2 things you will hear about James: His purpose is Empowering Confidence, and his Calling is Inspiring Action.
James is the host of Rise Up Radio, which is a network that empowers America's Servant Leaders.
He and his wife stopped listening to negative news years ago, why? Because he would rather listen to, and share all of the GOOD in the world. Rise Up is doing just that, by sharing the positives in any way they can, using social media, podcasts, air waves, etc.

Like James says, deep down our natural expression is LOVE. As we get older; things happen and we encounter road blocks and bad experiences that cause us to end up the way we are. But the Rise Up Network wants to leave you fulfilled, and elevate your experience in a positive way.
Rise Up has been around for 3 years, and has done over 150 shows. Tune in to hear some of the amazing particular shows where their was a MUTUAL elevated experience between James and his guests. Where they experienced an emotional AND PHYSICAL reaction, and became fulfilled.

This podcast will give you an inside peak at how Jailbreak Leaders are creating more meaning, having a greater impact and getting amazing returns by utilizing the power of their purpose.

What You Will Learn

  • See how James' Purpose and Calling inspires and elevates the experience of others during his shows on the Rise Up Network
  • Listen to some phenomenal MUTUAL experiences that James and his guests have shared during their shows, and the type of positive physical reactions that occur.
  • Hear what the Rise Up Network does and how they empower America's Servant Leaders by sharing the good news of the world.

To connect with James: Text or Call (858) 525-3086