Interview with Felicia Lyon: "Women Leading With Purpose" Part 2

In last week's show, Felicia Lyon shared her story; from starting her career as a police officer, to working on some amazing projects in countries like Russia and Afghanistan for one of the biggest consulting firms, and then pivoted at a crazy moment where she decided to take ownership of her own life. Now she is following her true passion and purpose, of helping women navigate through the challenges they face in corporate America. As Felicia states, women are given opportunities and a path to leadership, and a lot of the times they take this path because it is what was given to them, but is that the right path for them? Are they being fulfilled? Listen to how Felicia helped women find their own path, and lead them to do and be who they want to be. The world, and the people around us, tend to choose our paths for us; but most of us are not fulfilled until we discover our own journey. Felicia explains how helpful it is to have a Sponsor or group of people that share your values, to walk with you through your journey; someone you can look up to and aspire to be. She is creating a community called The Society, of high powered women where they come together, share and grow together. Starting in January they will be meeting in San Diego to create this supporting movement.

What You Will Learn

  • We tend to choose paths that are laid out for us, but we are not truly fulfilled until we find our own path.
  • Learn about "The Society." A growing community of empowered Women who support each other and grow together.
  • See the importance of tapping into the Women in your team, and recognizing who they are, what they thrive in and who they want to be.

To connect with Felicia Lyon: www.womenmovingmountains.com