Interview with Felicia Lyon: "Women Leading With Purpose" Part 1

Many challenges we face are often created by the society we live in, one of those challenges is what women face in the Corporate America. Meet Felicia Lyon; Felicia has an amazing story, and she is here to share that with us. From starting her career as a police officer, to almost becoming a partner at one of the largest consulting firms, and now following her passion and purpose. Felicia shares how she found the holy grail of a career, or so she thought. Felicia has had an amazing and successful career, working in places like Afghanistan and Russia, and doing great things to impact the world. Listen to some of the projects she worked on in these countries, and some experiences she faced that will blow you away. Although Felicia is extremely grateful for the experiences she had, she then realized she wanted to follow a different path; searching for the next level of impact. This lead her to finding her passion; Women in Leadership and the challenges of the corporate ladder. Felicia tells us how rewarding it is to see the Women she works with are now stepping up into leadership roles, and how she gives them the right platform to move in the right direction in their careers.

What You Will Learn

  • How Felicia had an amazing, successful career; and is now helping other women navigate the challenges of the corporate ladder.
  • Hear the defining moment when she walked away from becoming a partner at one of the largest consulting firms, to follow her passion and purpose.
  • The pivotal moment in her career when she got control of her life by saying "I want to live the life that I want to live, and have the career that I want to live."

To connect with Felicia Lyon: www.womenmovingmountains.com