Interview with Dameion Renault: "Fearless" Part 2

On last week’s show, Dameion Renault shares his backstory; bouncing around from couch to couch, growing up in foster homes, struggling with alcohol addiction, and more importantly; how he has turned his life around to do great things.

Dameion is now back on the show to talk to us about how he used his life experiences to help save lives today!

I met Dameion a while back and I wanted to share how great of an impression I had from the start. The minute he says he’s going to do something; be prepared for big, HUGE things to happen. The nature of him is if he wants to do something, he is going to do it with an amazing energy and power; no matter what.

How did he get to that point?

Dameion takes large, big ideas and breaks them down into the small pieces they really are. This came from going through life one step at a time, after thinking he would never have a chance at achieving great things. In his own words “As long as I know I am on a step to getting it done, I understand myself to be achieving my ultimate goal.”

How has he used this to help others today?

Listen to some of the projects and jobs Dameion has done, like helping homeless families, running housing programs, helping foster kids, working with inmates and much MUCH more. After having a stable and steady life working in corrections, he is now back into the college setting to achieve HIS goal of saving lives, because it’s what he needed and was put here to do.

What You Will Learn

  • An ultimate goal will seem more realistic if you simplify it, and break down the steps into small pieces.
  • Learn how Dameion was able to turn his life around after struggling with addictions, and is now saving the lives of many others.
  • Get ready to be inspired by Dameions passion and fearlessness, while he helps people face their challenges and achieve their goals.

To Connect with Dameion Renault: (209)954-5291 - San Joaquin Delta College