Interview with Dameion Renault: "Fearless" Part 1

Meet a great friend of mine, Dameion Renault. Dameion is a guy in my life that I look at and go “This dude is fearless!” He is someone who steps into things and you ask, “what are you thinking,” but then he perceives to have this huge impact. Today we are going to explore what it looks like to have the courage to truly be who you are, and Dameion Renault is in expert in this space. Listen to Dameion as he shares with us how his life changed from being an addict and alcoholic since the age of 10, to now having several college degrees including a Masters in Psychology; and impacting the world.

Dameion grew up in the East Coast, where he bounced around from social services, police stations and more. At such a young age going through many struggles, he became an alcoholic and now recalls his childhood as being a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

From his mother struggling with alcoholism and his sister taken away from him, to being basically homeless living in friends’ backyards for years; Dameion has really been through a lot. Eventually ending up in foster homes until he turned 18, he was able to graduate high school, and even begin college; although it was not a success for him for a few years. He then decided to ride his motorcycle for 2 and a half weeks all the way to California; where his life began to change. Dameion met people who inspired him to go back to college, stop drinking and find a better path.

What flipped the switch for Dameion?

As he looks back he remembers always looking for an answer, or an easy fix that would turn his life around. Many years later, he has now realized there was no single solution, and no easy fix. Listen to how Dameion describes what exactly turned his life around; and how he connected all the positive points in his life to create a foundation for his growth.

What You Will Learn

  • Hear how Dameion went from being homeless and struggling with alcoholism, to getting a Masters Degree in Psychology and helping save lives.
  • See what Dameion considers the only consistent things in his life, and how he used them to do healthy
    things for himself.
  • Learn how Dameion found a foundation to stand on, after putting lots of puzzle pieces together; and began climbing from there.

Get in Touch: Call Dameion Renault on this direct line at (209)954-5291 - San Joaquin Delta College