Interview with Cheryl Bobbitt: "Letting Go" 50th ISSUE!

Letting go is a critical step to move forward in life and continue to evolve. Any significant change in my life, I had to let go of something, to make room for the new thing I was trying to make happen.

Recently it was my white corvette, but it can be anything and no matter what it is, it never goes quietly.

This week, is our 50th show! So I am very happy to say that we have Cheryl Bobbit, who was my very first guest. Check out her very first podcast to find out her back story, and how she landed on her purpose and calling.

To remind everyone, Cheryl's Purpose is Clarifying Perspective and her Calling is Disabling Fear, for individuals and groups. Cheryl often sees people having to let go of something. As she says, letting go of anger and fear are one of the biggest things, and those are always disguised for us as something.

When you've come to a place where you know your purpose and your calling, it is a lot easier to let go of the things that keep you from moving forward. However; sometimes it is a habit, which makes it a lot more challenging to recognize it, agree with it and then lay it down.

Cheryl has the habit of seeing something in people that is keeping them from doing what they want to do. She goes in and tries to change their thinking in some way or another, to clarify their perspective and help them realize that what they are doing is actually hurtful, and not helpful.

Cheryl tells us a story of someone she knew who was angry, justifiably angry as she describes. She helped them realize that their anger was going to keep them from being who they are, and wasn't going to bring about their purpose.

As far as her calling of disabling fear, Cheryl shares that most of what we do, involves fear. If we do something we wish we hadn't, it involved being afraid of something, and the other way around too.

In our lives, we get programmed, and take the routes that we are shown, sometimes whether we are passionate about them or not. Next thing you know, 40 years later you are asking yourself, "How did I end up here?"

Listen to the show to hear one of my personal realizations I recently had, and you might look at your life in with a different perspective.

What You Will Learn

  • See how Cheryl helps people clarify their perspective and disable their fears of doing the things they are really passionate about.
  • Learn that letting go is a critical step to move forward in life and continue to evolve.
  • Everyone struggles with being held back from something that we need to let go of, in order to make room for something better.