Interview with Aura McKay: " Power of Accountability " Part 2

In part two of this interview, Aura McKay shares a story of how someone close to her made her realize who she truly was in this world. Aura describes how important it is to understand who we are, and that we need people in our world that can actually point that out; and continue to hold us accountable to it. There is a fundamental idea that we were programmed unwillingly; we were told who we are and at some point said “I guess that’s who I am.” But then when you actually see there is more to you, you can do and manage things differently. Accountability partners are wonderful at helping you find that. Take the next 15 minutes to hear Aura's story, and see how finding your true self can impact your personal and professional life.

What You Will Learn

  • It is extraordinary what other people can see in us, that we cannot see in ourselves.
  • Experience the impact to Aura’s worldview when a friend and accountability partner shifted her long held view of being an extrovert, to an introvert.
  • When we get the perspective of who we are, we can start changing some of our long held attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve us.

To connect with Aura McKay: https://www.auramckay.com/