Interview with Aura McKay: " Power of Accountability " Part 1

Welcome Aura McKay, business coach and lifestyle strategist, bridging the gap between creativity and commerce for entrepreneurs.
Aura has the most amazing positive energy. Her purpose is empowering possibilities, and her calling is infusing optimism. She is the one telling you "You got this!"
Like Aura says, we are not trained to support each other, but when we learn how to; we can do big things. Sometimes you meet people in business and in life, and you think "this person is up to things that I resonate with, and together if we supported each other, we can do more in the world."
Aura explains how I and her other accountability partner benefit her in ways I hadn't thought of. Listen to how she describes that each person brings a bit of a different flavor, and makes a different kind of contribution to her life.
The growth that she gets is remarkable because she gets to experience herself from a different place as well, such as the rock or person who is being there for someone else.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn the importance and power having an accountability partner can bring to you, both personally and professionally.
  • There is something powerful about knowing that there is someone else out there who has your back, holds you to your word and is rooting for your success.
  • We are not trained to support each other, but if we learn how; together we can do more in the world.

To connect with Aura McKay: www.auramckay.com/