Interview with Amber Gough: Elevating Humanity In Business Pt 2

On last weeks show, my friend and colleague Amber Goth from Conscious Capitalism shows her backstory, and how she went from a successful recruiting career, to something more meaningful. Today we dive in deeper and see what it really looks like to run your business in the world, with the idea of business way beyond just the bottom line. Amber Goth's recruiting business Talent Fusion focuses on working with clients to have a bigger picture of the world than just getting a job and making money. Nowadays millennials are looking for more than just a job, they are looking at bigger factors and would rather be jobless, than to work somewhere without a purpose. Amber shares a great story of how she started her Recruiting Business Talent Fusion. Instead of doing what regular recruiters do of just handing out resumes, Amber takes the time to get to know the clients' culture, to determine who will really fit. Her goal is to learn the legacy that the company is building, and empowers them to do their own recruiting. This eliminates herself as well as their other recruiters which they were spending a small fortune on, but now the companies are better off; and this is what matters to Amber. Her drive and purpose is to empower and connect people, and leave them in a better place. This is how she has made work meaningful for herself. Amber's excitement to how she positively impacts her clients is inspiring to hear. People want to be needed in the world, they want to provide value, and if they feel connected to the companies they work for, then this is how they will be happy.

What You Will Learn

  • See the foundation and movement of Conscious Capitalism, and how they are committed to their higher purpose of elevating humanity through business.
  • Listen to Amber's drive and purpose as a recruiter to empower her clients, and show them how to recruit the right people for the job, instead of just handing out resumes.
  • Learn about the upcoming event "Making Work Meaningful" at Conscious Capitalism San Diego on February 12, where we will see how to discover our purpose and calling; and how to bring that into our work environment.

To connect with Amber: www.talentfusionpoint.com

Or www.ccsandiego.org