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JAILBREAK LEADERS is for those who hunger to make a bigger impact, but feel stuck, overwhelmed and trapped by bottom-line pressures. If you are tired of chasing the world's model of success, striving for more and more, only to come up feeling stressed out, unfulfilled and stuck, then listen in!

You're locked behind bars you can't even see. It's time to break free from what's holding you back. It really is possible to discover your purpose --- "your thing" in life --- and use your gifts, skills, talents, resources and influence to make your mark in the world. It's not that hard. It is a gift you already have. You just have to discover it, open it up and put it to work. So set aside 15 minutes and get started on your escape plan today!

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Jailbreak Leaders

with Jeff Blanton

"The Two Word Purpose Guy"

Jeff Blanton is founder and CEO of The Blanton Group, an organization dedicated to helping leaders transform purpose into possibility. Known as “The Two Word Purpose Guy”, Jeff is a highly sought-after speaker, author, and leadership guide who helps business leaders make the shift from success to significance.

His mission is to free today's leaders to live out their callings and authentically bring them into the business environment, so that they can change business and society as we know it. If you want to join the growing movement of Jailbreak Leaders, it starts with discovering your two words. ‍