with Purpose, Calling & Passion

are you tired of...

chasing the world's model
of success for more, more, more -- only to come up feeling empty?

feeling stuck in the grind, stressed out and unfulfilled at work?

settling for mediocrity,
because you fear it's too late to do something different?

Tired of figuring out the line between earning a living and having a life?

Do you find yourself asking:

"is this it???"

You know in your gut that you were made for more.

you're not alone.


Only 13% of people like their job. That means 87% aren't happy at work.


Lack of purpose was a key reason people said they hate their jobs.

(Harvard Business Review)

Less than 20% of leaders
have a strong sense of their own individual purpose.

(Harvard Business Review)

Lack of purpose erodes morale, decreases productivity and increases turnover.

(Porath & Schwartz)

87% of Millenials say they would take a cut in pay to work for a purpose-driven company.

(Cone Communications)

You may desire to be a


and you've probably asked yourself this question at least 100 times.

How can I figure out

my purpose - "my thing" in life -

and start living it out...right here, right now?



3-P Key To Freedom


with Purpose, Calling & Passion

what jailbreak leadership is

Jailbreak Leadership is all about mobilizing leaders to be authentically purpose-guided and vision-driven. When you know your purpose and calling, you are able to show up differently with confidence.

It starts with our FREE Live 90 Minute Freedom Workshop.

I feel so strongly about helping people like you break out of "jail" and be who they were made to be that I wrote a book about it -- Jailbreak Leadership, endorsed by Ken Blanchard.

"Jailbreak Leadership is a simple framework to discover your two-word personal purpose statement and apply it to mobilize your ultimate possibilities." -Ken Blanchard, New York Times Bestselling Co-Author of The New One Minute Manager

This is NOT for you if:

Business success only means power, position and prestige.
You lack an inherent passion for creating something of significance in your business.
Your business is in crisis or you are in a turnaround situation.

This is for you if:

You are truly ready to embrace your purpose and put it into action.
You are positive, self-aware and action-oriented.
You are fully open and ready to embrace the work to achieve your compelling vision.
You are ready to be part of a group of like-minded leaders where you equally give and receive support.

Looking to have a discovery session?

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Here's what you will get 

as a jailbreak Leader

REVELATION:  A guided journey of discovery into being your best you

yOUR 3p kEY Deep Dive

You will discover the three key components that unlock your "jailhouse door": Your personal Power, Principles and Purpose.

POWER: The discovery, development and integration of your core strengths.

PRINCIPLES: Identify your critical "guideposts" to ensure a straight and accelerated path to success.

PURPOSE: Answer one of life's greatest questions:
"Why am I here?" in two simple words.


The unique thing others receive from you when
you are on purpose

· Discover your core WHY for being
· Learn to embrace the value you bring to the world
· Be empowered to make a difference

Jailbreak Leadership book
Compelling Vision:

Where you apply your calling to make a difference in the world

· Increase your level of success by bringing your best you.
· Add significance to all the stakeholders in your life.
· Create a sense of urgency to make a difference.


Moving from knowledge to the freedom to be YOU

Mastermind: Small peer-to-peer teams created to support the journey.

· 2 Hour monthly meeting to address the challenges in creating the change desired
· Relationship building with other successful business leaders
· Accountability to do the work

Faith and Freedom: The foundational tools of transformation

· Learning and embracing change leadership tools.
· Overcoming the natural fears that change creates.
· Strategic and Planning Execution tools and methods

One to One Support

· Mastermind hot seat support
· Project execution support
· Specific individual support and guidance as needed


What makes Jailbreak Leadership different from other programs out there?

Most of my clients have been exploring this topic for a long time and are very self-aware. They've taken all the tests to figure out their personality, strengths and weaknesses, skills, passions and so forth. They read leadership development books, attended conferences and hired business coaches. Yet, they still can't put their finger on it.

Jailbreak Leadership is not about taking what you know about yourself today and becoming better, but discovering who you really are and being different.

The Jailbreak Leadership framework is SIMPLE, SUCCINCT and ACTIONABLE, and it gives you this amazing freedom to discover who you truly are and sets you on the path to purpose and meaning.

What Happens At the Journey’s End?

 1. AWAKEN: A new awareness to challenge long standing truths and beliefs.

2. PURPOSE: Clarity about what you do best.

3. CALLING: The WHY behind what you do best.

4. PASSION: Alignment of your best you, and what you do.

5. FUGITIVE:  The knowledge to live a life of freedom.

"I love the simplicity and clarity of just two words! It's easy to remember, grounds me and has been an anchor in my relationship with clients, contractors and community."

Christopher Allan Francis, Filmmaker and Video Producer

"My two word purpose statement is like a rudder, my 'why'. It gives me clarity and direction and the ability to make better decisions. I now have a vision for my career."

Kimball Wilson, KW Health Coaching

"When you know your purpose and calling, you're actually free to BE a leader, able to excel at it and recognize the opportunities to live it out."

Matt Sauer, President of Different Mortgage


“Working with Jeff has been so eyeopening! Discovering my purpose of “Empowering Solutions” gives me clarity and direction and the ability to make better decisions. It’s like my rudder, my ‘why’. The exciting part has been the magic of marrying my purpose with my passion for art to create a whole new business! I have let go of past limiting beliefs to embrace a career that is bringing me both success and significance. It’s life-changing!”—Kimball Wilson

The Two-Word Purpose Guy
"Mobilizing Possibilities"

About Me

I am a serial entrepreneur and business ministry guy, passionate about life and on a mission to mobilize leaders to transform life, career and community. After 20 years of searching for my purpose in life, I finally figured it out...at 60 years old. My personal journey of self discovery and analysis has led to the creation of a framework - a proven process that helps you discover your purpose and calling and set you on the path to living a life of success and significance. A life that lights you up and makes a difference in the world. I just hope you don't wait until you're 60 to figure it out.

My amazing wife, Caryn and I enjoy living at the beach in San Diego with our labradoodle, Telly, and I am having the time of my life, doubling down on my core purpose to help others live their biggest possibilities.  I would love to be part of your story and help you become purpose-guided and vision-driven.

words of wisdom by mark twain

The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you figure out why.

let's figure out why!
This is what I want to help you do. My greatest desire is to see an individual freed to go after who he or she is meant to be. This is your opportunity to stop doing what you've always done and live to your potential. As a longtime fugitive myself, I know what it feels like to finally break free and step into the "real me". I just wish I had figured it out sooner. How different my life would have been. Don't let this happen to you.

Wayne Gretzky is famous for saying,

"You miss every shot you don't take."

This is your life. Take the shot.