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JAILBREAK LEADERS is for those who hunger to make a bigger impact, but feel stuck, overwhelmed and trapped by bottom-line pressures. If you are tired of chasing the world's model of success, striving for more and more, only to come up feeling stressed out, unfulfilled and stuck, then listen in!

You're locked behind bars you can't even see. It's time to break free from what's holding you back. It really is possible to discover your purpose --- "your thing" in life --- and use your gifts, skills, talents, resources and influence to make your mark in the world. It's not that hard. It is a gift you already have. You just have to discover it, open it up and put it to work. So set aside 15 minutes and get started on your escape plan today!

LATEST SHOWS - All approximately 15 minutes


Interview with Cheryl Bobbitt: "Letting Go" 50th ISSUE!

  • See how Cheryl helps people clarify their perspective and disable their fears of doing the things they are really passionate about.
  • Learn that letting go is a critical step to move forward in life and continue to evolve.
  • Everyone struggles with being held back from something that we need to let go of, in order to make room for something better.


Interview with John Ramstead : Activating Hope Pt 2

  • Learn how John Ramstead's most painful life experiences brought him to where he is now as a successful business owner.
  • Listen to some of John's stories such as the traumatic brain injury he suffered that he should not have survived, but did.

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Interview with John Ramstead : Activating Hope Pt 1

  • Learn about some of John's successes and career transitions through the years, after having to suddenly end a lifetime goal that he had reached.
  • See how John's mentors brought him back on a positive journey by helping him find his passions and purpose, which opened up many doors for him.
  • How John dealt with the hardest transition of his life, and the challenges he faced shortly after the end of his dream career.

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Interview with Rachel McKinney "Purpose and Passion Played Out" Pt 2

  • Hear a few of Rachel's stories and moments that lead her to turn right instead of left, and how she used that to her advantage.
  • Learn what Branch Out Market does, who they partner with and what types of products they work with.
  • See some of the challenges that are faced, and how they are solved while still respecting any cultural differences.

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Interview with Rachel McKinney "Purpose and Passion Played Out" Pt 1

  • Learn about Branch Out Market and how they are solving problems that help organizations fulfill their missions.
  • See how Rachel describes her purpose as more of a state of mind, and not just a job title.
  • Learn how Rachel balances her purpose of taking care of her younger brother with a disability, while working on her passions and career.

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Interview with David Fogel: How Do we Know? Pt 2

  • Listen to David Fogel's view and background on futuristic technology, robotics and artificial intelligence, and the ideas he has on what the future looks like.
  • Hear our conversation about how we can make a difference in many number of ways, and how to help people prepare for what they should be doing.
  • David leaves us with a big thought and takeaway to do exactly what you want to do, and don't let anything or anyone stop you. He shares a story where he accomplished something incredible, because he truly believed it was right.

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Interview with David Fogel: How Do we Know? Pt 1

  • Get to know one of the smartest men I've ever met, David Fogel, who is an internationally recognized scientist, speaker and engineer.
  • Listen to David's point of view and response to the question of "How do we deal with the unknowns of the world?"
  • See David's big WOW moment, when the course of his life changed, after building a powerful system that showed him his talents and techniques can help with the problems of the world.


Interview with Johnny Hawkins: What is YOUR Legacy Going To Be? Pt2

  • See how Johnny created and funded his non-profit, which allowed him to bring young men of color together and be their encourager and protector.
  • How Johnny has been able to leverage his success in business to help and impact the lives of others who are facing challenges.
  • See how Johnny is creating a positive legacy while fulfilling his calling, purpose and passion of being a male role model to the community.

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Interview with Johnny Hawkins: What is YOUR Legacy Going To Be? Pt 1

  • See what Johnny describes as the value he received after being in the army, and how it gave him respect, purpose and order.
  • Listen to how and why Johnny chose to make the decision that changed his life, which was going to school after he returned from the army.
  • Learn some of Johnny's other interests and passions, and how he uses what he learned in law and business to bring it all together and create something that services people by getting into their ear and soul.

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Interview with Amber Gough: Elevating Humanity In Business Pt 2

  • See the foundation and movement of Conscious Capitalism, and how they are committed to their higher purpose of elevating humanity through business.
  • Listen to Amber's drive and purpose as a recruiter to empower her clients, and show them how to recruit the right people for the job, instead of just handing out resumes.
  • Learn about the upcoming event "Making Work Meaningful" at Conscious Capitalism San Diego on February 12, where we will see how to discover our purpose and calling; and how to bring that into our work environment.

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Interview with Amber Gough: Elevating Humanity In Business Pt 1

  • How Amber went from being a social worker, to working as a recruiter for 14 years and is now the founder of Talent Fusion.
  • Hear what was the defining moment in Amber's life that put her on her current successful path, and how she built her business after feeling that she was working without a purpose.
  • Learn that while making money is essential for the vitality and sustainability of a business, it is not the only or even the most important reason a business exists.

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Interview With James Carmody : Mobilizing Possibilities Pt 2

  • See how James has always been inspired by people, and how this creates a natural connection between himself and his guests.
  • Why James does not focus on what is written on paper about his guests; and instead focuses on their stories, background and how they got to where they are now.
  • How James helps people get through walls and challenges, by taking them back to a time in their lives that helps them realize there are extraordinary possibilities ahead.

To connect with James: Call or Text (858)525-3086

Or visit and listen to his Free Podcasts


Interview With James Carmody : Mobilizing Possibilities Pt 1

  • See how James' Purpose and Calling inspires and elevates the experience of others during his shows on the Rise Up Network
  • Listen to some phenomenal MUTUAL experiences that James and his guests have shared during their shows, and the type of positive physical reactions that occur.
  • Hear what the Rise Up Network does and how they empower America's Servant Leaders by sharing the good news of the world.

To connect with James: Text or Call (858) 525-3086


Interview with Richard Leonard: Market Meets Ministry Pt 2

  • See what the Barnabas Group is all about, and how they have helped 240 different ministries over the course of 13 years.
  • Hear some of the challenges that entrepreneurs face, and how to overcome those challenges with the help of the Barnabas Group.
  • Learn about the diverse group of people with amazing Business Talents who are part of the Barnabas Group such as Business Owners, teachers, doctors and more.

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Interview with Richard Leonard: Market Meets Ministry Pt 1

  • Hear Richards background from being a Vietnam War Veteran, to now working for a Company helping non-profits make an impact.
  • Listen to his heartwarming story of how his Wife changed his life, and helped him in his transition back to Civilian Life
  • See how The Barnabas Group helps people with different life experience, talents, knowledge, network of connections and passions.

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Interview with Felicia Lyon: "Women Leading With Purpose" Part 2

  • We tend to choose paths that are laid out for us, but we are not truly fulfilled until we find our own path.
  • Learn about "The Society." A growing community of empowered Women who support each other and grow together.
  • See the importance of tapping into the Women in your team, and recognizing who they are, what they thrive in and who they want to be.

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Interview with Felicia Lyon: "Women Leading With Purpose" Part 1

  • How Felicia had an amazing, successful career; and is now helping other women navigate the challenges of the corporate ladder.
  • Hear the defining moment when she walked away from becoming a partner at one of the largest consulting firms, to follow her passion and purpose.
  • The pivotal moment in her career when she got control of her life by saying "I want to live the life that I want to live, and have the career that I want to live."

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Interview with Dameion Renault: "Fearless" Part 2

  • An ultimate goal will seem more realistic if you simplify it, and break down the steps into small pieces.
  • Learn how Dameion was able to turn his life around after struggling with addictions, and is now saving the lives of many others.
  • Get ready to be inspired by Dameions passion and fearlessness, while he helps people face their challenges and achieve their goals.

To Connect with Dameion Renault: (209)954-5291 - San Joaquin Delta College


Interview with Dameion Renault: "Fearless" Part 1

  • Hear how Dameion went from being homeless and struggling with alcoholism, to getting a Masters Degree in Psychology and helping save lives.
  • See what Dameion considers the only consistent things in his life, and how he used them to do healthy
    things for himself.
  • Learn how Dameion found a foundation to stand on, after putting lots of puzzle pieces together; and began climbing from there.

Get in Touch: Call Dameion Renault on this direct line at (209)954-5291 - San Joaquin Delta College


Interview with Aura McKay: " Power of Accountability " Part 2

  • It is extraordinary what other people can see in us, that we cannot see in ourselves.
  • Experience the impact to Aura’s worldview when a friend and accountability partner shifted her long held view of being an extrovert, to an introvert.
  • When we get the perspective of who we are, we can start changing some of our long held attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve us.

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Interview with Aura McKay: " Power of Accountability " Part 1

  • Learn the importance and power having an accountability partner can bring to you, both personally and professionally.
  • There is something powerful about knowing that there is someone else out there who has your back, holds you to your word and is rooting for your success.
  • We are not trained to support each other, but if we learn how; together we can do more in the world.

To connect with Aura McKay:


Interview with Scott Sabin "Plant with Purpose" Part 2

  • How a Congo War Lord found his purpose and went from fighting to farming.
  • How we are all called to the theology of work and the positive impact it brings.
  • How an idea in San Diego now impacts over a quarter of a million people around the world.

To Connect with Scott Sabin:


Interview with Scott Sabin "Plant with Purpose" Part 1

  • How unleashing the talent and capacity of individuals can solve hunger and poverty
  • How a unique saving based micro-financing program turned the villagers $0.40 into a $20,000 local bank
  • Hear the story of how a couple of local San Diegans are now impacting over 250,000 people in eight countries

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Interview with Klyn Elsbury: "Sense of Urgency" Part 2

  • Do what makes you happy in the moment, no matter how small it is
  • Having a sense of urgency will help you in finding your purpose
  • Live your life like it is your last day

To connect with Klyn:


Interview with Klyn Elsbury: "Sense of Urgency" Part 1

  • Do not let things get in the way of doing what’s important.
  • If you put things off for “one day” that “one day” will never come.
  • Your purpose might be something you are already doing in life, you just don't know it yet.

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Getting Real

  • Freedom isn’t free
  • Faith is the foundation for the next step of growth and confidence
  • Living a life of "Purpose - Calling - Passion" requires support


Interview with MaryAnn Mariani: "Sharing Your Message" Part 2

  • Learn Mary Ann's L.O.V.E Process for success.
  • Identify the key pitfalls most public speakers make.
  • Use your communication to move your audience from ideas to action.

To Connect with MaryAnn:


Interview with MaryAnn Mariani: "Sharing Your Message" Part 1

  • Why getting your message out is so critical to your success.
  • How to become confident and clear when called upon to speak.
  • Learn how to become an “Audience Advocate”

To Connect with MaryAnn:


Larry Kesslin Interview - Purpose San Diego - Part 2

  • Learn the process for becoming a cause driven business.
  • Understand the intrinsic value of being a cause driven organization.
  • Hear about Chamber of Purpose – Where business meets purpose in San Diego.

To connect with Larry:


Larry Kesslin Interview - From Success to Significance - Part 1

  • One-man’s journey from success to significance.
  • How to use business as a platform for changing the world
  • Are you a "Dolphin" or a "Shark"?

To connect with Larry:


Interview with Derek Abbey: "Rudderless to Positive Impact" Part 2

  • How Derek’s purpose of Informing Awareness shines a light on what he is passionately doing
  • Understand the many challenges our veterans face
  • What it means to our nation and our community here in San Diego to ensure the successful transition for our veterans


Interview with Derek Abbey: "Rudderless to Positive Impact" Part 1

  • Hear Derek’s personal story of success to significance
  • Hear about his passion for serving those who have served, and about making an impact
  • How to not let fear be the rudder of your life


Interview with Mike Gaetke: "Purpose and The Servant Leader" Part 2

  • Is what you are doing going to leave a long lasting legacy?
  • See how Mike transformed his life into something bigger and more meaningful
  • Website for Africa Servant Leaders"


Interview with Mike Gaetke: "Purpose and The Servant Leader" Part 1

  • How finding your purpose can open up new doors
  • How Servant Leadership changed everything for Mike personally and professionally
  • Why it's important to invest in other's success


Interview with Barry Sappington: "When Passion Meets Purpose" Part 2

  • Learn the value of being on purpose
  • Experience the “sweet spot moment” when you move from purpose to calling
  • Examine what’s holding you back from living on purpose: Procrastination & Fear


Interview with Barry Sappington: "When Passion Meets Purpose" Part 1

  • Over 80% of the population does not know their purpose – what challenge does this create
  • What do you do when you are not on purpose
  • Experience Barry’s purpose/calling discovery journey


Interview with Kimball Willson, "Purpose Meets Profession", Part 2

  • What keeps us from fully stepping into purpose
  • The magic that occurs when passion meets purpose
  • How Kimball was able to make the final shift of letting go of past beliefs and fully embrace a career that is bringing her both success and significance


Interview with Kimball Willson: "Purpose Meets Profession" - Part 1

  • Why success was not enough
  • How her purpose discovery uncovered a long lost love... Art
  • How her hobby became her business


Your GPS to Significance

  • What is at risk if you do not fully embrace living out your purpose in life
  • How to translate your compelling vision into a step by step process
  • The tricks to success both individually and corporately


Cheryl Bobbitt Interview: "Clarifying Perspective" - Part 2

  • How knowing your purpose can dramatically change how you see and do your work
  • What is the impact of those receiving your gift of purpose and calling?


Cheryl Bobbit Interview: "Clarifying Perspective" - Part 1

  • Why one should pursue being a Jailbreak Leader?
  • From the user’s perspective, what is the process like?
  • The inside scoop on the impact of being a Jailbreak Leader


Your Compelling Vision

  • Why do you need a compelling vision?
  • How do you discover your compelling vision?
  • How and where do you put your compelling vision(s) to work?



  • What is calling?
  • How do you discover your call?
  • Who the heck is calling ME?


"Purpose" - The Third "P" of Your 3P Key to Freedom



"Principles" - The Second "P" of your 3P Key to Freedom

  • The difference between values and principles
  • How to discover your principles
  • How to put your principles to work TODAY


"Power" - The First "P" of your 3P Key to Freedom

  • Why working to your strengths is paramount to creating significance in your life
  • How do you discover your inherent strengths and talents
  • What to do once you have this powerful tool at your disposal


The Key to Freedom

  • What does the jail of the mind look like for those of us who consider ourselves free? 
  • What does the key to freedom look like?


Jailbreak Leaders: The Introduction

  • What big problem are we going to solve by being a Jailbreak Leader?
  • What does it mean to be a jailbreak leader?
  • Who is this show for?

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Jeff Blanton is founder and CEO of The Blanton Group, an organization dedicated to helping leaders transform purpose into possibility. Known as “The Two Word Purpose Guy”, Jeff is a highly sought-after speaker, author, and leadership guide who helps business leaders make the shift from success to significance.

His mission is to free today's leaders to live out their callings and authentically bring them into the business environment, so that they can change business and society as we know it. If you want to join the growing movement of Jailbreak Leaders, it starts with discovering your two words. ‍